"Your Own Words is a social enterprise offering workshops to help people communicate and express themselves healthily through words." 

Jenny Berry
Words are powerful and can change the way we think about something. A single word to one person can mean something different to another. Take accents and dialect, in one area we eat barm cakes, in another we eat muffins yet some of us eat rolls. Your Own Words is a tried and tested initiative that aims to improve the confidence of those who struggle to communicate. Using poetry and creative writing as a tool, Your Own Words helps people to be heard through the use of language.



I began writing poetry from as young as I can remember. After years of writing bespoke poetry commissions for others I saw first-hand how healing words can be. Your Own Words isn't about creating a masterpiece poem, it is the process used to help people learn how to say how they feel. Poetry isn't just sonnets, sounds and syntax. It's a way to channel thoughts onto paper or read them out loud. The outcome is up to the creator.